About us


We were a couple of travellers stuck in Mumbai for 12 hours with no idea what to do during long layover. We created this web page for people all over the world who are travelling by airplanes and need information about airports in one place.


On this web page you can find everything you need: general information; facilities/services; transport within airports and to places around airports; tourist attractions; the most recommended local hotels and readers’ reviews.

In the upper menu you can find tips for travellers, news and interesting articles.


Greetings to travellers from travellers.


We collect all information from the webpages of airports or the airports themselves, airlines, transport companies, tourism webpages, Internet open-sources, readers’ comments and our own knowledge. In the tourism and transportation industries, information can change at the drop of a hat, frequently with no prior notice. All rates, hours, schedules, facilities, attractions, recommendations, advice, tips etc. are subject to change without notice – this webpage contains information for general orientation only. As a result we recommend the information given on this webpage, although updated as often as possible, should be used for the trip planning process only. It is not an official airports partner.