Car rental guide – how to do it?


There’s nothing like traveling on your own! We are not limited by the time, group or guide, who guards the trip plan. A rented car is the best possible way to travel right after leaving the plane (especially when we travel out of season or to places that are hard to reach).
Flexibility and freedom – these are the main features of traveling by rented car.

We introduce the best car rental search engine. Our partner has over 221 companies from 167 countries! 2 million drivers giving rates cannot be wrong!


As always on ‘checktheairport’ short and to the point – car rental guide

On each among more than 727 airports in the ‘car rental’ section you will find a simple car rental search (or under the LINK). Enter there a pick up and drop off location (unless they are the same), the date and time of collection and return of a car. If you are under 25 or above 70 years old you need to deselect the box under the pick up date and enter the age of the driver yourself. In most companies the minimum age for a driver is 21 years. Additional fees may be charged by certain suppliers in certain countries for drivers who are under 25 and above 65 years old. If the correct age of the driver was entered at the time of searching for the car, you will be informed of additional charges due to that reason.

car rental search engine


After filling in all the boxes the partner web page will open, where you can finish booking. What to pay attention to?

car rental overview


1.  In the upper right corner there is a possibility to change currency and language.

car rental - currency


2. In the yellow box on the left side you can change the date, time and place of picking up or dropping off the car.

car rental box 1


3. Right below the box you will find the filter:
– Supplier – supplier you are interested in,
– Supplier rating – only suppliers with the appropriate rate,
– Fuel options – methods of gasoline settlement,
– Car specification – type of gearbox, number of doors, air conditioning, etc.,
– Party size – the number of persons/car size.

car hire box 2


4. Take a look at the box with a car. In the upper right corner there is a possibility to sort the results according to recommended cars or prices (A). Additionally, the following information is highlighted: the basic information about the car (B), the basic price (C), the renting company and its rate (D), fuel policy (E), the place of picking up the car (F) and services included (G).

car rental details 2



After clicking on the green button ‘Book Now’ a summary with the tabs ‘Car Details’, ‘Customer Reviews’ and ‘Important Information’ will display…

car hire - details


… you will be offered an Excess Protection cover…

car rental insurance


… and extras (such as GPS or child seat).

car rental extras


At the bottom of the page there is a tab ‘Terms and Conditions‘ – be sure to check the terms and conditions of car rental!

car hire terms and conditions


The last step is to fill in the personal data of the driver (it is worth to add a flight number – sometimes in the arrivals hall a representative of the company may be waiting for us)…

driver details


…and your payment card information (usually credit card – belonging to the driver!)

payment details


On the address email specified before you will receive a voucher to be presented when picking up the car, together with an ID card, a driving license and a credit card issued in the name of the driver. Picking up the car is possible in several ways:
– at the airport rental office (follow the signs in the arrivals hall),
– at the airport parking lot,
– reception by a car rental representative from the arrivals hall (e.g. they wait with a sign/piece of paper),
– airport shuttle bus ride to the car rental center/ parking.


We hope that this guide will be helpful to everybody renting cars. In case of any questions we invite you to use the comment form below the article.


In the next parts ‘Travel tips – car rental’ we will include useful information, such as settlement of gasoline or insurance.


We wish you a pleasant journey!


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