Taxi – different types of payment


When hailing a taxi (taxis means cars, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, rickshaw etc.) on you travels you will come across different types of specific etiquette when it comes to payment. Here are a few of the most common types:


  1. Taxi with taxi meter:

This is a taxi with special device which can measure the distance. Mostly upon boarding the taxi you can see the price already on the meter. In this particular case you will pay after the trip when you know exactly how many kilometres or miles you have been driven.

Remember – at night fares are higher. The same situation exists with zones – mostly outside the city or even in the city centre, the fare can be higher.

This is probably the most common type of taxi in the world.

taxi (1)


  1. Pre-paid taxi:

Such a form of payment is common in places where unscrupulous cabbies are rife and those who operate the taxi desks are aware of it. In a taxi office they have maps with zones (you must know where are you going) and you will pay up front in the office. They will give you a bill which you must show to the taxi driver.

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  1. Fixed-price taxi:

Almost the same as a pre-paid taxi but payment is made on the journey’s completion.


  1. Haggle with a taxi driver:

Very common in Asia – where most meters don’t work. You have to haggle with the driver – which cannot be avoided. Be cautious and show them respect to prevent hyper-inflated prices for others (if you agree to a fare immediately they will think that the price given was too small and next time they will offer a higher price). Sometimes you can even go 50-70% lower, with 30% being the minimum.

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Before your journey ask if all fares are included in the price.

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