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For safety reasons TSA (Transportation Security Administration) prepared a list with prohibited items in carry-on and checked baggage. Read the list below to speed up the screening process. Double-check prohibited items list with your airline. Remember that the final decision which item is allowed on-board or in checked baggage rests with the TSA officer. This list takes effect when departing from US airports.


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Liquids Rule:

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized/one litre bag (transparent, re-sealable plastic bag) with liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes. These are limited to 3,4 oz/100 ml or less per item, including:

  • water and other drinks,
  • liquid mixtures,
  • syrups,
  • yogurts, soups,
  • creams, oils,
  • jam, jellies,
  • perfumes,
  • sprays,
  • gels,
  • foams (shaving foams) and deodorants,
  • pastes,
  • mascaras.


Prohibited items in cabin baggage:

  1. Firearms, including:
  • BB guns, firearms and parts
  • ammunition,
  • gun lighters, gun powder
  • toy guns, replicas and imitations,
  • compressed air and CO2 guns,
  • signal flare and starter pistols,
  • pellet guns.
  1. Self-defence, including:
  • shocking devices (stun guns, tasers etc.),
  • clubs and batons (Billy club, black jack, night stick),
  • kubatons,
  • brass knuckles,
  • martial arts weapons,
  • nunchucks,
  • throwing stars,
  • self-defence sprays (pepper sprays, tear gas etc.).
  1. Sharp objects, including:
  • box cutters,
  • ice axes and ice picks,
  • knives (except for plastic or round bladed butter knives),
  • meat cleavers,
  • razor blades,
  • scissors,
  • swords and sabres.
  1. Tools, including:
  • axes and hatchets,
  • cattle prods,
  • crowbars,
  • drills and drill bits,
  • hammers,
  • saws,
  • tools greater than 7 inches/17,8 cm in length.
  1. Sporting goods, including:
  • baseball, softball and cricket bats,
  • bows and arrows,
  • clubs and batons,
  • hockey and lacrosse sticks,
  • pool cues,
  • ski poles,
  • spear guns.
  1. Explosives, including:
  • aerosols (excluding personal care items or toiletries in limited quantities),
  • blasting caps,
  • chlorine for pools and spas,
  • dynamite,
  • fire extinguisher or other compressed gas cylinders,
  • fireworks,
  • flammable liquid, gel or aerosol paint,
  • flammable paints,
  • fuels,
  • gas torches,
  • gasoline,
  • gel-type candles,
  • hand grenades,
  • lighter fluid,
  • liquid bleach,
  • recreational oxygen,
  • replicas of incendiaries,
  • replicas or imitations of explosives,
  • spillable batteries (excluding those in wheelchairs)
  • spray paint,
  • strike-anywhere matches,
  • tear gas,
  • torch lighters,
  • turpentine and paint thinner,
  • vehicle airbags.


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If you pack something from above list you will have to leave it outside (before security screening). If you have explosives for example obviously you are asking for trouble, so rethink what you are packing.

Have a nice flight!

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