Checked baggage in EU


For safety reasons European Commission prepared a common list with prohibited items in hand and checked baggage. Read the list below to speed up the screening process. Double-check prohibited items list with your airline. Remember that the final decision which item is allowed on-board or in checked baggage rests with the security officer. This list takes effect when departing from EU airports.” alt=”baggage (1)” width=”285″ height=”429″ />


Prohibited items in checked baggage in United Europe:

Explosives and incendiary substances and devices, including:

  • ammunition,
  • blasting caps,
  • detonators and fuses,
  • mines, grenades,
  • fireworks,
  • smoke-generating devices,
  • dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.


If you pack something from above list you will have to leave it outside. If you have explosives for example obviously you are asking for trouble, so rethink what you are packing.

Have a nice flight!

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