Hello, World!


If you’ve just found this webpage we are sure you are going to come back again.

If you are a traveller (like us) and you are looking for well-researched information about airports and everything connected to travel – you have struck gold!


Why have we created this webpage?

While traveling  in India we had an unexpected 12-hour layover in Mumbai and had no idea what to do. As a result we decide to create this web page for people the world over who are travel by airplanes and need information about airports in one place at the touch of a button.


On this web page you can find everything you need: general information; facilities/services; transport within airports and to places around airports; tourist attractions; the most recommended hotels in the local vicinity and our readers’ reviews.


Here, in this section, we will upload news and articles about all topics related to ‘The Sky’ and about other intriguing journeys we have experienced.


Greetings to travellers from travellers.


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